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Havas. Who?

We are much more than a full service agency.


We are our clients’ contemporary
communications partner.


We deliver high performing support through world class marketing science and engaging creativity.


Data enables scientific targeting - accentuates effectiveness, eliminates wastage. Creativity stimulates engagement.


We work with big brands to start-ups, big budgets and oily rag smelling spenders. We have no preference as long as we are encouraged to
make a difference.


Our approach to reach an audience is as wide as the audience is itself. New Zealand is now highly multi dimensional and communications require the same multifaceted delivery.

Innovation drives us. 


Delivering more effective ways to
communicate, fuels us. 


Engagement fulfills us.


Our clients’ success sustains us.


We are holistic, connective thinkers - digital channels integrating with traditional mediums. 

Our single campaign directions translate cohesively across all channels while recognising and delivering to specific platforms and their audience behavioural nuances.


We understand, immerse ourselves and revel in the diversity of our ever changing world. 


We want our work to help make our home a better place. 


We are strategists and creators and producers and we are good people to work with.


We would love the chance to say hello and help you connect with your audience.